There’s a silence

Posted: January 26, 2011 in Formula 1

There truly is, folks, largely because there’s not that much truly worthy of our time at the moment.

When I logged in a moment ago it came to my attention that there are at least a few people a day passing through here, so it’s probably worth alerting you beautiful folk to my continued presence, particularly as the 2011 season is about to get rolling.  In a few hours Force India confirm their 2011 driver line-up, which is probably going to feature Paul di Resta in a race seat, Nico Hulkenberg as reserve driver and Tonio Liuzzi as that guy who used to drive for Force India.  It’s already time for F1 launch season, with the first test of the winter taking place in Valencia next week, while there’s an ongoing court battle over whether Group Lotus or Team Lotus have any right to call themselves Lotus.  For several reasons, I’d really like to just wait for that to go away, but it wouldn’t be much of a racing blog if we didn’t at least attempt to figure out how there can be four Lotii on the grid next season when each team can only field two cars.

Stay tuned, cats.


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