Hey! New guy! Over here!

Posted: February 3, 2011 in Formula 1

Hello, you beautiful creature.

I’m aware that most of my posts to date haven’t been that accommodating to people who don’t really follow racing very closely.  Motor racing and F1 in particular have an awful lot of features, whether sporting, technical or political, which you pick up as you go along and their tendency to all appear as part of the same piece of writing makes it impractical to explain them all as they pop up.  Sorry about that.

On the old blog I grew so bored of political posts during a particularly turbulent period that I stopped writing them, but the waters are much calmer now and where issues do spring up – the recent Lotus blog post is an example – I’ll do my best to either lay the groundwork before getting too in-depth or not go into any depth at all.  For the sporting and technical bits, I’ve knocked together a little beginners guide (trans: I’ve found the one I wrote for Petrolhead Blog and changed a few bits because the rules are different this year) covering the important stuff.

As with everything here, the guide is a continual work in progress, so if you feel I’ve missed something out of it or want to know more about something I say in these posts, let me know and I’ll either update the guide or write an article on the topic in question.  You can get hold of me by grabbing my hips firmly, leaving a comment somewhere on the site or emailing petrolheadblogger@live.co.uk

The guide, by the way, is available by clicking on ‘A quick F1 beginners guide’ at the top of the screen.  If you don’t have the energy for that, click here instead.  Send me your address and I’ll come round and work the scroll bar for you as well.


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