Kubica recovery could take a year

Posted: February 7, 2011 in Formula 1
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Under the circumstances, he and all those connected to motor racing can be thankful that he’ll be underoging a recovery of any kind.

Here are the thoughts of Dr Igor Rossello, one of the surgeons responsible for operating on Robert earlier today:

It’s currently felt that it will take a year to determine whether the Pole still has full functionality in his injured right hand.  The main issues will revolve around how well damaged nerves and tendons heal; if these return to anything less than full capacity, it will be difficult to carry out the small, detailed movements needed to grasp small objects.  In career terms, any problems in this area would be likely to rule out a return to Formula 1, where drivers must be able to operate several dials and switches inside the car during the course of a lap.

The Italian surgeons have been able to restore blood flow to Kubica’s right hand and it’s not thought to be in any immediate danger of being lost.  Now we know that the injury was caused by a metal crash barrier penetrating the driver footwell and hitting his hand, we can only wonder how the situation would have been had the barrier intruded at a different angle.  The damage to Robert’s limbs and his career are bad enough, but it’s worth reflecting that had circumstances been slightly different, the loss we’d currently be contemplating would be far, far worse.

As it is, Kubica will be deprived of another chance to display one of the finest natural driving talents in the world, while we’ll lose perhaps the only man outside of the established front-running teams capable of challenging at the front on a consistent basis.  We send our best wishes for a quick recovery.


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