Quick Nick in at Renault

Posted: February 17, 2011 in Formula 1
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In a rare instance of this writer predicting something which then actually goes on to happen, Renault have confirmed that German veteran Nick Heidfeld will replace injured lead driver Robert Kubica for the start of the 2011 season.

As highlighted slightly further down this very page, Nick has a blend of speed, consistency, experience and motivation which makes him the ideal choice for the substitute role.  His reputation as a safe, sensible but unspectacular pair of hands also gives Renault a handy little out ball should R31 fail to live up to expectations; few people expect Heidfeld to win races even given a competitive package, so there’ll be less external pressure on the Regie come Bahrain on March 13th.

Exactly how fast the new Renault is remains open for debate – nobody is yet running their definitive Bahrain package and there’s no way of gauging how much fuel everyone’s carrying in these early tests, with the first key indicators likely to come this week in Barcelona – but setting Saturday’s fastest time at Jerez last week will have encouraged team and driver.  Don’t be at all surprised to see Quick Nick live up to his nickname as the start of the season draws closer.


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