Speaking too soon at HRT

Posted: March 11, 2011 in Formula 1
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A quick piece of repair work, folks, connected to something I said the other day about HRT at least having two days of testing this season.  This is about two weeks less than everyone else, but it’s also two days more than last year and progress is always to be encouraged.  There now follows a giant ‘however’.

The new car, codenamed F111, was launched in Barcelona this afternoon.  Everything about it is in complete working order except for the dampers.  In fact, the dampers are probably fine too.  Nobody really knows, because the dampers are stuck in customs.

I will leave you to make a judgement on exactly how likely that sounds, just as you can all feel free to insert the word ‘apparently’ into the previous paragraph as often as you like.

The car didn’t run today, won’t run tomorrow and will head off to Melbourne having never turned a wheel in anger.  Colin Kolles was right, though: it does look a lot like a modern Formula 1 car.


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