Pirelli reveal 2011 tyre markings

Posted: March 18, 2011 in Formula 1
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My my, doesn’t that sound exciting?

It’s relevant, though, so let’s have a look at some tyres:


All together now…ooooh!

From left to right:

Orange – full wet
Light blue – intermediate
Red – super-soft dry
Yellow – soft dry
White – medium dry
Silver – hard dry

The aim of the amazing technicolor paint coat you see before you is to give the watching millions a way of working out which driver is using which tyres.  Pirelli will take two dry weather compounds to each race, with every driver being required to use both compounds during the race as long as it remains dry.  There’ll always be a step between these compounds, so the medium and hard tyres will never appear on the same weekend, leaving no scope for any white/silver confusion.  The colourings also allow us to tell the difference between the wet-but-not-that-wet intermediates and the Dr-Foster-went-to-Gloucester full wets, which will be a big help when conditions are changeable.

For the first three races of the season, you’ll be seeing the yellow and silver tyres.  The durability of these tyres is going to be one of the keys to the entire weekend, with the latest word from Pirelli being that for all but the most incredibly gentle drivers, the Australian Grand Prix is likely to be a three-stop race.


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