Very briefly, via his manager Steve Robertson, for exactly one sentence, four paragraphs into this story here.

At all of its many levels, NASCAR is a sport which strongly encourages drivers to build up some kind of personality for the fans to love unconditionally (see Dale Earnhardt Jr) or roundly despise (cough Kyle Busch cough), while remembering to namecheck all 327 of your sponsors on any given weekend and treat every interview as a PR opportunity.  Kimi Raikkonen likes driving cars, dislikes any kind of fan interaction or media activity and spends much of his free time holidaying in the small Norwegian village of Unintelligibuhl.

To call Kimi Raikkonen and the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series unlikely bedfellows is akin to calling the Cuban Missile Crisis a slight falling-out.  He’s not a massive box office draw these days, has no appetite for racing’s corporate side and has no previous oval racing experience.  His second year in the World Rally Championship is so far proving to be no better than his first, though, and the opportunity to briefly try a new way of travelling very quickly is surely difficult to resist for a man who has always had great awareness of the world outside of Formula 1.  Don’t be too surprised that Kimi’s giving NASCAR a quick whirl, joining friend of Nelson Piquet Jr in the truck series.  Be incredibly surprised if he stays there for any great length of time.


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