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Posted: April 6, 2011 in Formula 1
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Of course I’m sorry.

Formula 1 is as technologically advanced as any form of worldwide motor sport you could possibly name.  In common with every major showcase of cutting-edge tech, it’s a fairly expensive business.  One of the best illustrators of that cost is the steering wheel, which is worth well in excess of £20,000.  Why?  Let Nico Rosberg explain a little more about what the steering wheel does when it’s not turning the front wheels:

A quick note on why Nico can’t show us the back of the wheel: where else would you put all the things you didn’t want other teams to see?  Nico mentioned that the clutch paddles (F1 clutches are hand-operated) and gearchange paddles are on the back of the wheel, but you need only 4 separate attachments for that.  Ferrari have 7…


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