Google searcher of the week, #1

Posted: April 27, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Welcome to an occasional feature in which we highlight the most peculiar search term used to visit my little blog this week.  Our winner, an unnamed entrant from a location I haven’t been able to determine, is the somewhat puzzling “how to spell Jenson in China”.  In order that I might get a higher number of entrants in future, let’s shamelessly tag this post with ‘Google search’ or something similar and see what happens.

Sorry for the downtime, lads and lasses.  I realise that some of you only check in when there’s a race weekend on, but those who don’t might have expected me to write something in the 3 weeks between China and Turkey.  Instead, I’ve been at work, pausing occasionally to get over whatever that recent sickness actually was.  I’d like to put a few things together over the long weekend coming up, so do please stay tuned.


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