Before we get moving, the reason there’s no Turkish GP write-up: the first lap on which there were no overtaking moves was lap 17.  Kamui Kobayashi sustained a puncture in the middle of the race which I only found out about 3 hours after the chequered flag.  I didn’t see any hope of putting together the usual recap with so much action to consider, so I decided to write something about the new rules instead.  Which I will do.  Soon.

First, though, there’s this.  The facts of this case are difficult to pin down and shall doubtless remain so for some time.  What we know is that after the Chinese Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton and Adrian Sutil were among a gathering in a private room at Shanghai’s M1NT Club.  Also in the room was Eric Lux, the CEO of the Renault team’s owners Genii Capital.  After a while, Lux left the room nursing a fresh, bloody neck injury.  Nobody has confirmed exactly how this wound was sustained and exactly how many people were involved, though all seem to be in agreement that a broken champagne glass played a key role.

Sutil has since admitted to injuring a man “completely unintentionally”, which raises many questions, chief among them being how exactly one goes about the act of accidentally sticking a broken glass into another man’s neck.  Lux’s statement mentions that the option of taking action against other parties involved remains open, which would seem to suggest that Sutil isn’t the only man with cause for concern (there is, incidentally, absolutely no suggestion whatsoever that Lewis Hamilton is responsible for any wrongdoing, with it appearing that he simply had the misfortune of being present).

The wicked whisper is that Force India are particularly keen on the idea of having Nico Hulkenberg in a race seat.  The team are seen by many as an unofficial Mercedes junior outfit, benefiting from engines, technical support and a long-term Merc driver in Paul di Resta.  Hulkenberg, being young, German and very rapid, fits in very well with the junior team concept – have a couple of years learning your trade at Force India, bag a works drive when Rosberg moves on (one assumes that Schumacher will stop at season’s end and that di Resta will be his replacement).  Sutil has nationality in his favour but is older and for a man entering his 5th year at the top level, still remarkably prone to crashing.  Any negative publicity, particularly that with embarrassing and potentially criminal after-effects, should therefore be avoided at all costs.  And yet…

It wouldn’t do to draw any conclusions at this stage.  All we can say for certain is that Lux believes he was assaulted and has identified Sutil as the assailant.  For now, only the protagonists know the truth, but Sutil’s situation is going to be well worth monitoring over the coming weeks.


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