I owe you an explanation, don’t I?

The thing I’ve been busy with for the last couple of months is a job application.  I’ve ended the application process as the owner of considerably less hair than I had at the start, with what remains taking on a more obvious greyish tint than before.  I am 26 years old.

I’ve also ended the application process with a new job.  It’s not yet absolutely clear to me how much of my time this job will take up, but I wouldn’t be in the slightest bit surprised to find that I remain exactly as prolific as I have been throughout the past summer.  That is to say, I expect to continue writing bugger all.

While this place lay silent, Jenson Button was busy signing a new multi-year contract with McLaren.  Lewis Hamilton was busy securing a new multi-year deal for everyone in McLaren’s bodywork fabrication department, Felipe Massa was using Hamilton’s tendency to crash into him as a mask for his own recent decline and Sebastian Vettel was winning a world championship.  Well, as good as, anyway.

As it stands, Vettel has 309 world championship points after 14 races.  If he can somehow manage to score a further 1 point during the remaining 5 races, he cannot be caught.  If this tasks proves too arduous for Seb and Red Bull, he will still be world champion unless Jenson Button wins every remaining race.  Oh, one more thing: McLaren have had the fastest car in Japan all through this weekend but, with one of their drivers having made an unholy mess of his qualifying session (go on – have a guess at which one), Vettel’s on pole.

The tension is unbearable, isn’t it?

[One last thing.  Because I haven’t been checking my emails very much of late, I’ve only just realised that Dunlop attempted to give me some free tickets for the British Touring Car Championship event at Rockingham 3 weeks ago, as well as offering some tickets for you to win too.  PR and promotional activity has never affected my writing here or anywhere else – that is to say, you can offer me all the free gifts in the world and my editorial line will remain the same – but if I’m given the chance to offer you anything like this in the future, I’ll be sure to do so.  I have however missed the closing date for this one.  Sorry about that – Adam]


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