Ab So Lutely FURIOUS

Posted: December 4, 2011 in Formula 1
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What this blog needs, really, is a test card.

I’ve spent the last little while thinking about my top 10 F1 drivers of the season (which ended last weekend and not, as anyone relying on me for updates might think, in the middle of June) and trying to answer the question, “What’s your favourite racing car?”  Neither of these tasks are proving quite as straightforward as I imagined them to be.  If I don’t get everything finished by Christmas, fret not; I’ll still pop back on to post that picture of Ronnie Peterson at Silverstone in the snow again.  Any excuse.

In the meantime, have this.  If you’re British and over the age of 20, you’re probably acquainted with the work of The Cuban Boys.  The name might not be instantly recognisable, so click here and remember to thank me later.  Those very same Cuban Boys later went on to tackle one of life’s great unanswered questions, the kind of thing you’d debate in the pub on a Friday night and never quite nail down: what would happen if you set Murray Walker to some kind of beat?

For those of you who started following Formula 1 recently, the chap making those nasty hand gestures at Michael Schumacher’s car really is that nice Mr Coulthard.


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