Not previewing 2012

Posted: March 16, 2012 in Formula 1
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Why aren’t we previewing 2012?

It’s a combination of factors.  The main one is time, since I haven’t had enough of it to write anything of substance.  The other major contributory factor is that last year, I had time to sit and study pre-season testing and still fell some distance short of what could be reasonably classed as “a decent prediction.”  Without checking, I’m sure I said Vettel and Red Bull would win their respective titles, but you didn’t need to be Nostradamus for that one.  You didn’t really need to have watched a motor race before either, in fact.

This pre-season, I haven’t had the opportunity to check the numbers from testing in too much depth.  I do however know that those who have studied intensively are all coming up with different pecking orders, most of them saying we’re in for the closest season in living memory.  Take the fastest time recorded by each team who ran the final test in Barcelona and there’s only 0.9 seconds covering 20 cars.  That’s not going to be completely representative, of course – fuel levels, track conditions and tyres could all have artificially closed the field up to a degree – but there’s little doubt that things are going to be tight, especially in the midfield.

At the back, some things never change.  HRT are still building Pedro de la Rosa’s car but they did at least get one car ready for 10 laps of Barcelona during a filming day after official tests had ended.  This, terrifyingly, represents their best ever winter preparation.  2010’s cars were still being built as qualifying for round one got underway, while 2011’s was launched early enough but didn’t run because the dampers (the car) were stuck in customs (had not been finished).

This year’s world champion?  Bearing in mind how close it all seems to be, I’m betting the house on the Italian comeback king, Totali Buggeredifino.  Sounds like it’s going to be quite a ride, whoever wins.  Who knows, I might even get a few minutes to talk about some of it.

(I’ve actually picked Lewis Hamilton this year but, you know, keep that between us, eh?)

  1. Dobbo says:

    I would have to agree and say my pick would be Lewis this year. If Mclaren can develop this year’s car like the last two years they must be favourites for the constructor’s title and Jenson and Lewis serious contenders for the driver’s title.

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