About The Petrolhead Blogger

Hello, you.

I’m Adam.  Some of you might have stopped by my old, now-defunct blog petrolheadblog.com.  Some of you might be reading this only because I’m stood behind you and won’t leave until I’ve seen you load this page up.  Either way, you’re here and it’s a pleasure to have you with me.

Those who can do, those who can’t talk about it, those who don’t have a voice for commentary write about it instead.  My passion for motor racing was discovered on a July afternoon in 1990, with my 5 year old self watching Nigel Mansell throw a Ferrari around Silverstone and realising this was something I could get behind.  At that moment I knew instantly that driving racing cars was what I wanted to do with my life.

In the intervening years I’ve discovered that the budgets needed to go racing are far beyond anything I could put together, that I’m merely a decent racing driver rather than a champion-in-waiting and that Nigel Mansell is rather easier to dislike than a young boy could ever have been expected to appreciate.  The first two pieces of acquired knowledge led me to start writing about racing cars instead of longing to drive them, the third piece gave me something to write about and from there, we arrived here.

I am also dimly aware that there is life outside of motorsport, a life in which I love guitars, playing sport and, because somebody must, watching Hartlepool United FC.  Two of those things make me happy.

  1. Susan Simpson says:

    Welcome back. Looking forward to your wit and wisdom again.

  2. Smurfy says:


    Good to see you online. Hopefully 2011 will give you plenty to write about.

  3. ukf1blogs says:

    Really good read mate. I have alot of work to do I think.

  4. ukf1blogs says:

    ow added link to you on my site hope thats ok

  5. Mr Macklam (yes it's me) says:

    As ever Mr Simpson, informative and witty as i have always known you to be. Great writing fella, looking forward to future blogs. On the otherhand however, i can just arrange discussions over a pint and burger! 🙂

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